Welcome to Kolbern Solutions Inc.

Today, almost all companies have multi-national employees and offices in different parts of the world. Though the working language in the shipping industry is English, the fact is that English is a second language to a vast majority of seafarers and office employees. As a result there is an utmost need to have a software that is intuitive to use with least amount of training and instructions needed to operate it.

We are a Canadian company set up just to accomplish the above. The company is founded by a Chief Marine Engineer with decades of first-hand experience in the marine industry, on ship and ashore.

Our products have the following advantages

Backbone of Experience

Over 28 years of experience in the maritime industry.

Latest Technology

It is a unique system developed using the latest platform (.NET-Windows Presentation Foundation) - not that this matters to the end-user but this mention is just to assure that the application will stand the test of time.

Client-Server/ Web installation mode

(Depending upon your choice) Where the client automatically gets updated with patches- just as you update other apps over the internet/ intranet.

Easy installation

Easy installation and hassle- free patch procedure

Superior error handling

Whereby the software is accommodating to the user mistakes and prompting them about the errors in the language that they would understand.


Tight security

What one can do (and cannot do) and what one can see (and cannot see) is configurable.

Built with an eye on the future

We will always be expanding our product range and functionality and our current customers can definitely benefit from this.

Field Based security

Who can view/ edit a certain field.

Reasonable and Competitive pricing

We are focussed on your savings and ROI.


Accessible from the internet.

Classification society requirements

For PMS are already included.