Planned Maintenance

  1. Graphical flowcharts showing the whole process e.g. the whole maintenance process. The various nodes in the flowcharts are active and thus can be clicked to enter the process at any phase.   (show image)
  2. Job planner comes with an option of Calendar view where-by one can handle the jobs though a more friendly calendar view.   (show image)
  3. Powerful search features to search everything in the system like equipment, job templates, work orders, users and vessels.   (show image)
  4. Wizards for many operations in the application e.g. Job setup, work order reporting, running hour counter setup etc.   (show image)
  5. Filtering, Sorting, Row numbers display and MS Excel-like functionality in all the columnar tables, wherever they are used to present the data.   (show image)
  6. Reports showing Class data available.   (show image)
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